Infi-tex are a smart sensor company, with a new class of patented smart pressure sensitive materials which will enable new switches and sensors to be printed onto textiles.

Our sensors are ideally suited for use in the rapidly growing field of connected textiles. They are touch sensitive, displaying a proportional Ohmic resistance response when force is applied, whilst retaining the benefits of traditional textiles, such as washability, durability, and adaptability to fashion or usage demands.

As of September 2018, our pressure sensitive material is part of the Material ConneXion library in New York City.

With 25 libraries around the world, Material ConneXion is the leading materials-driven design resource that revolutionises the way designers interact with materials.


The Infi-tex team members

Introducing the Infi-tex Team, from L-R

David Bateman is our electronics design engineer with over 15 years of turning design ideas into engineering reality. He designed the camera systems for BBC ‘Frozen planet’

Sarah Galasko is our Chief Operating Officer, with project management and consultancy experience of implementing large scale change programmes, and building and running small businesses.

Myra Waiman is our founder and CEO, and a serial investor in early stage science and technology startups, with a keen eye for innovative technology

Nick Rawcliffe is an innovative product designer and engineer, who has won several design awards. More examples of his intriguing unique work can be seen at www.rawstudio.co.uk

Jack Atherton is commencing his career trajectory in engineering with Infi-tex.

Not pictured –

David Lussey is the inventor of our technology and our senior technical advisor. His background is in discovery and development of new materials and compounds for military and other uses. He has many patents to his name.

Professor Cyril Hilsum FRS FREng CBE is our Chief Technology Officer. He was a Chief Scientific Officer in the UK Ministry of Defence, and Director of Research of the General Electric Company. He has over 60 patents to his name.