Car Seat Challenge

Passenger ID using Infi-tex sensors in car seats

An array of sensor patches is arranged in the seat at specific points. The points are chosen to best pick up the pressure points of the body that vary with body shape. For example, across the shoulder blades, the headrest, under the thighs and buttocks. Infi-tex sensors can measure the position and relative pressure of these points. The data is combined to make an identification.

In scenarios where a car is shared by multiple drivers and passengers, once an identification has been made, the vehicle can be setup for their personal convenience and safety. This could be seat position, air con, music, destination information or driving style. Increased popularity of shared ownership vehicles and driverless cars mean giving individual users a personal experience will become increasingly important. As a further development, this data could be combined other biometric data as a security signature for ownership, insurance and payments.

This project is currently at concept level.

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