Gaming and Sports

Information gathered from our clothing and surroundings can be used to stimulate our activity, encourage our training and tell us more about ourselves and our relationship to our environment.

  • We are developing Trackwall, an interactive wall to encourage activity in children. Similar to a climbing wall or dance floor mat, it will have games projected on to it to encourage children to reach and move.
  • Trackwall can also be used for sports training purposes, e.g. to improve a tennis or squash serve, or to improve accuracy with a football or rugby kick
  • InfiSoles will also encourage activity, e.g. for walking football, a new sport aimed at less agile people, to tell the difference between a walking and running gait
  • InfiSoles could also be used by professional athletes and their coaches, recording gait and performance
  • We are also in discussion with interactive gym developers, as data could be generated from exercise mats, gym equipment eg. benches, or treadmills
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