Infi-tex at the IoT and Connected Hardware Showcase 2018

IoT is such a wide field with many many interesting and innovative applications and we were invited to show our textile pressure sensors amongst 22 other innovative companies at The IoT and Connected Hardware Showcase 2018 by Hardware Pioneers. With a community of 9,000+ pioneers, they didn’t fail to attract more than 1,000 curious IoT pioneers to this event in London who mingled and networked all evening to discuss the latest developments.

23 IoT startups showcasing their latest product developments

The showcasing startups were an interesting mix of technologies and applications. A few highlights for us were Canary Care, a passive activity monitoring system for elderly and vulnerable people and their families; Ding, a startup designing products to solve everyday problems with their smart doorbell; and Earth Rover, a precision farming startup developing autonomous farming robots.

Other startups in the IoT space such as Earth Rover with their autonomous farming robot (on the left)

While we couldn’t impress fellow pioneers with a robotic showpiece, our Infi-tex jacket and printed circuit pieces attracted at least as many curious pioneers who enjoyed our innovative approach to pressure sensors.

Infi-tex’ printed circuits at the IoT Hardware Pioneers Showcase

Interested in learning more? Contact us at If you’re looking for textile pressure sensors, please ask us for our sample kit options that allow you to test and play with a selection or our sensors.

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