Infi-tex launches the “Search and Rescue Jacket”

End of November, Infi-tex was invited by London & Partners to their private event on ‘Smart Cities’. Guess where? – In the Pitch View Box at Wembley Stadium! So we packed our suitcase and off we went to meet with other local start-ups, mentors, investors, and influencers in the smart city space.

After a first few quiet minutes admiring the spectacular VIP view of the Wembley football field, we went straight to work and set up the Infi-tex stand with our famous prototype jackets and multi touch mat. Even though the event officially started with two panel discussions, our Infi-tex mannequin didn’t miss its purpose of attracting the first curious visitors to learn more about what we do as we were still setting up.

The event officially started with one of two planned panel discussions on how data capturing can boost London’s consumer-centric technology in the future. Jemima Kelly-Reuters (Markets/ Fintech Reporter) led the panel, consisting of Theo Blackwell (London’s Chief Digital Officer), Sarah Drinkwater (Head of Google Campus), George Johnston (Tech City Ventures), and Matthew Cockerill (Creative Director of Swift Creative), through questions about London’s plan of using data in the right way to make the city smarter and empower its residents in the future. The second panel then focused more on the design and collaboration aspect, discussing the importance of design when building smart cities and whether or not the city is supporting small businesses sufficiently to grow their innovative products and technologies.

While this first part of the event touched on important points, we were waiting impatiently to finally present our Infi-tex ‘Search and Rescue Jacket’ for the very first time!

The jacket connects via Bluetooth to a walkie-talkie, allowing workers in emergency rescue operations to be completely hands free, but still able to communicate with their fellow colleagues. While the walkie-talkie is safely stored in a jacket pocket, rescue workers only need to touch the ‘Infi-tex button’ on the jacket sleeve to activate the hidden microphone. A connected earpiece then allows them to hear the responses.

Besides Infi-tex, eight other start-ups, all mentees of the London & Partners’ Business Growth Programme, got a chance to present their products as part of a small business exhibition. So as soon as the second panel finished, we rushed back to the Infi-tex stand and started networking with interested visitors, potential investors, media agencies, and influencers. In addition to lots of “Wows” when showcasing the single touch buttons on our jackets as well as the multi touch mat, we also got a chance to connect with truly interested people that might become future Infi-tex ambassadors.

All in all, not the biggest event we have been to, but we left with valuable contacts and the happy feeling of having spread the word about Infi-tex to many more curious Londoners. It was a full success!

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