Infi-Tex Wins EIRA Research And Development Grant

Further to the launch of our innovative Infisole, we are delighted to announce that we have been awarded The EIRA Research And Development Grant. This grant has allowed us to undertake world class research at Kent University. The focus is on demonstrating how Infisoles can be used to detect changes in walking gait caused by Musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions. By comparing and analyzing data of individuals with/without severe MSK conditions, we aim to use our Infisoles to the benefit of the NHS. MSK conditions have cost the NHS £4.76 billion per annum and affect 1 in 4 adults. Our Infisoles are designed to rapidly identify and treat MSK issues, in the most cost efficient way. The closest available product is valued at 4 times the price of what the Infisole will cost (£80-£100). Therefore, we are excited by the easy economic accessibility of our Infisoles, as we aim to use dextrous technology to solve complex health issues.

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