Infi-tex’s Next Step: The use of AI

At Infi-tex we are never satisfied! We always aspire to improve and develop. Yes, the products we provide are based on our own patented proprietary conductive ink and therefore are distinctively high tech. However, the smart algorithms that artificial intelligence (AI) offers, looks set to be the next step in Infi-tex’s evolution.

Why do we see AI as the way forward? Speed and accuracy are two areas where the battle between humans vs machines is a lost cause, as cognitive technologies consistently produce error free decisions at a pace no human brain can keep up with. As a data obsessed company, accurate statistics generated at a rapid speed are of paramount importance for the health, transportation and sporting industries we cater to.

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Every start up faces the challenge of risk. How much to invest in products, staff and research are issues that torment CEO’s sleep. However, AI has the potential to eradicate any need for human thought in risk management, with many of the leading financial services firms increasingly incorporating AI to improve probabilities of making cost efficient strategic decisions.

Therefore, the vision of the self-driving car is one that has entertained all technological fanatics, but in truth just as Infi-tex always looks to develop, so must AI. Yes, the robotic memory of AI is a priceless tool, but context is needed to maximise such traits. For instance, following a shooting in Sydney (2014), the increased demand for Uber, which was supposed to act as a tool of evacuation led to inflated travel fares. Unfortunately, the pre-installed algorithms, functioning on a supply and demand basis demonstrated a failure to understand the meaning of ’emergency.’ This challenge of how to align AI’s goals with our own requirements must take centre stage in humanity’s ambition to make technology its submissive robot.

Nonetheless, Infi-tex plans to exploit the benefits of AI to advance its data providing services. Stay tuned, big things are coming. In the meantime if you are interested to learn more about our future plans, please do get in touch with

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