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Our Multi Touch mat shows every individual point of pressure dynamically when applied to the textile, showing where and how much pressure has been applied.

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Development Kit Infi Tex

Kit description

The Multi-touch mat can recognize sensing patterns and manage captured data to provide smart solutions. Designed to make any smart textile products.

The Infi-Tex technology Multi-touch sensor is based on a patented technology using proprietary conductive inks to create thin, flexible pressure sensitive textiles. Infi-Tex printing technology allows the customisation to any pattern. The specific combination of materials and inks allows the creation of a textile capable of measuring multi-touch pressure sensing. This property is used in a wide variety of textile based sensing products in a range of markets that require Pressure Mapping or heat pressure maps.

Data Sheets

• Multi-touch mat Sensor Technical Data Sheet

• Multi-touch mat hardware Data Sheet


• Multi-touch mat Starter Manual

• Multi-touch mat Starter Code

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Each kit comes with
the following items:

kit tem

A rectangular Infi-Tex textile pressure sensor pad.

kit tem

A hardware component.

kit tem

USB/MicroUSB cable.

kit tem

A guide of how to use it

kit tem

A Starter Kit
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