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It’s time to talk about the tech podcast of the season! Recently Myra Waiman (CEO) and Nick Rawcliffe (Product Designer) were invited to share some fascinating Infi-tex insights on Jack Morton’s innovative practice ‘Genuine X’. The platform produces podcasts centred around pushing ‘creativity and innovation,’ making Infi-tex a great natural fit and worthy guest speakers.

Why listen to the podcast? Well aren’t you fascinated to learn how a coincidental meeting between an angel investor with intellectual property and a creative minded product designer led to the formation of a company that is changing the way we use data? I don’t want to give away too many spoilers but check out the Genuine X site to discover how Nick’s interactive trackwall system found its missing piece when Myra disclosed how she utilised a pressure sensitive ink system to generate priceless data.

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For our rocket scientist followers, the Genuine X podcast is equally engaging. Listen to Myra explain how unlike Google’s Project Jacquard Levi Jacket (which comes at a whopping sum of over £300 and can only be washed five times), Infi-tex’s button strips are intuitive, washable, flexible and recyclable. We differ from our rivals. Nick then goes on to bolster the foundations provided by Myra when clarifying how Infi-tex replicates rivalling companies’ technology ‘in the most simple way.’ We do not use complex systems based on hundreds of wires. Instead we use an efficient four track system.

It is not only the quality of technology, but also explanations around the value Infi-tex products bring to society that makes this podcast such a fascinating listen. Myra discusses the sharp divide between the use of technology for creating products that are ‘nice to have’ against products that we ‘need to have.’ Infi-tex focuses on the latter, as our CEO explains how it not only makes sense from a commercial perspective, but it is also ‘more satisfying philosophically.’

So why do our products fall into the ‘need to have’ category? Founder of Rawstudio, Nick emphasises his vision around creating a human scale interactive trackwall to transform gaming into ‘something really active’ for the kids. Therefore, when we combine the function of our soles and mats to keep seniors active through generating gait related data and alerts around entrances/exits from buildings and beds, with Nick’s vision ‘to merge the real and the virtual,’ we see Infi-tex’s inspirational ambition to help all age groups remain active and healthy.

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Make sure to set aside time to listen until the end of the podcast. I couldn’t stand to be that guy who spoils all the fun but listen until the end to learn how Infi-tex will make your next car journey more convenient and safer. Furthermore, learn how our mat will provide powerful data around seniors’ engagement with television. Now after reading this, I know the first thing all you readers are going to do is check out our podcast so please find the link attached below.

P.S. Check out the podcast to learn about Myra’s discreet business connection to Steve Jobs. Link attached here- http://www.jackmorton.com/genuinex/genuine-x-podcast/

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