The Engineer C2I: Final Report

‘The most successful engineering projects often have one common ingredient: they’re the product of collaboration.’ (Jon Excel, lead author of The Engineer)

The C2I (Collaborate to innovate) finals award show took place last Wednesday (6.11.19) and served as a wonderful celebration of raw creativity created by strategic partnerships. Infi-tex may not have won the final prize, but what an honour it was to be shortlisted for the Healthcare & Medical award following the development of our soles. None of this would have been possible without the high-class research that has taken place at Kent University. I think it’s fair to say that to be shortlisted for such a prestigious award is not a bad feat for a company born only 4 years ago.

Infi-tex would like to take this opportunity to congratulate LightPoint Medical & National Physical Laboratory for winning the C2I Healthcare & Medical award following their Laparoscopic molecular probe project, designed to aid prostate cancer surgery. The collaboration has led to the development of a sensor probe which helps distinguish between cancerous and healthy issue during laparoscopic surgery. Such innovation is achieved through the identification of radioactive drugs, which would be used pre-operation to treat cancer. Therefore, through detecting these drugs, surgeons will be able to specifically target cancerous tissue without harming healthy issue during laparoscopic surgery. Congratulations LightPoint Medical & National Physical Laboratory; your technology is game changing and you are worthy winners.

Infi-tex would also like to express gratitude towards leading sponsors of the C2I, Frazer-Nash consultancy for making this unique opportunity possible. Neil McDougall, managing director of the leading systems and engineering company spoke about ‘the skills shortage in engineering’ as events such as the C2I are vital in keeping young engineers motivated to solve global issues. Infi-tex’s own engineers have spoken about their pride at being shortlisted for this award and therefore we thank Frazer-Nash consultancy in their mission of rewarding tomorrow’s engineers.

In the meantime, we are continuously working on the development of our soles. Watch out, we are progressing fast and who knows, maybe next year Infi-tex will go that step further and win the C2I Engineer Award.

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