What are Quantum Technology Supersensors?

Infi-Tex textile pressure sensors are a totally textile, touch sensitive smart material, which works in a unique way to derive a three dimensional X Y and Z signal when a pressure is applied to its surface. Our sensors can be produced in a large range of sizes and shapes and can be made to respond and analyse a single point or multiple points of pressure.

Our resistive pressure sensors are formed from a textile sandwich with our patented Csquared Quantum technology at the core. This gives our product a lower probability of false positives, and makes them more sensitive, flexible and durable, easy to integrate into existing products and with a low energy requirement, only requiring energy when in use. The technology in our fabric is based on a conductive ink which harnesses quantum science to create sensors with super controllability whilst reducing the cost of production and remaining environmentally friendly.

Readings from the textile are transmitted via a conductive ribbon – no wires – to an electronic component, and can be transmitted via Bluetooth.